Two days and two nights in the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, in glorious Autumn. The sun like honey on the trees, afternoon goes on all day. Giant spikes of excitement at any time; an overnight funderland.


Whether or not you have flown with us before, the best way to get tickets is to ENTER THE BALLOT. It’s free and easy to enter and is open now until 10:14pm on Tuesday 22 October. The LineUp will be out shortly.

Additionally, VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS are open.


Let me know if you need anything.


I hope to see you in The Sup’.


Autumnal Park

Fourteen is proudly and genuinely BYO – not just in the campgrounds but the Amphitheatre as well. As always, no commercial sponsors, the one and only stage, free range camping, the No Dickhead Policy, and site-wide best-practice services and facilities.

The controls are set for the heart of Premium Mode.

Constellation Of Constant Elation

The Supernatural Amphitheatre has been natured and nurtured on twenty-nine years of knuckled-down know-how, for the singular purpose of hosting Something Uniquely Remarkable. It is designed and built purely for this. It is permanent. It’s one of the best places on Earth to spend A Long Weekend with friends and lovers – and yourself – exploring inner and outer space.

Every ticket helps regional organisations do great things in the district.

We are grateful to the wonderful town of Meredith and surrounding areas who so graciously help host Golden Plains and elder sibling Meredith.


The first GP rolled out in 2007; the more things change, the more they stay the same, including a commitment to constant improvement.

This edition includes a Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country, succession planting in the Amphitheatre, reworked backend coffee supply to cut queues, new food options, upgraded bus system, and more.

Who's Playing?

The sound of now, then and forever, hand-stitched to seamlessly fit the evolving atmospherics of the Supernatural Amphitheatre. Mother Nature on the lights.

Everything on the One and Only Stage. You miss nothing, unless you choose to. Manifold highlights at any time of day or night.

Details shortly.



Plains Sailing

Thanks from everyone here, for being interested in Golden Plains. It’s a great pleasure to dream hard, work hard, play easy and conduct all manner of tangible and intangible activities to bring this thing together each season.

We remain open to ideas.

Remember – the best way to be part of it is to Enter The Ballot.

I hope to see you in The Sup’.




Aunty Meredith
and the Supernatural Custodians